Latuca sativa

Open pollinated

Variety Maturity Seed color Plant habit Leaf color Remarks
Batavia 75-80 WS Large with thick frilled leaves Light yellowish green A butterhead type, tolerant to tipburn. Popular as a fresh market and home garden variety.
Black Seeded Simpson 45 BS Large, upright Heavily frilled and crumpled light green Popular for home garden. Loose leaf-variety, tolerant to heat.
Bronze Mignonette 65 BS Small, compact rosette type Frilled, deep green or bronze A butterhead lettuce. Good for tropical areas.
Dark Green Boston 70-75 WS Medium sized rosette type Smooth, wavy, dark green A butterhead variety, cream-white heart, fine for forcing and fresh market.
Four Season/All Seasons 65-70 BS Large size and round, rosette type, slightly wavy Dark green with a tinge of red brown A good all-around variety. A butterhead lettuce.
Grand Rapids TBR 45 BS Large, upright Finely waved and frilled leaves, light green Hardy variety-resistant to tipburn. Loose leaf lettuce, very popular and widely adapted.
Grand Rapids Waldeman's Strain 45 BS Large, upright, compact Broad, finely waved and frilled leaf margins, dark green A fresh market and home garden variety-loose leaf type, very productive.
Great Lakes 90 WS Large Large, coarse, dark green Original strain-stands heat well. Tolerant to tipburn, crisp-head type.
Great Lakes 118 80-85 WS Large, good wrapper leaves Large, glossy, dark green Improved, medium early strain of Great Lakes. Tolerant to tipburn.
Great Lakes 366 85 WS Large, round Large, firm, dark green Tolerant to tipburn. Good yield also in cooler weather. Another improved crisphead type lettuce.
Great Lakes 659 85-90 WS Medium large, good wrapper leaves Frilled and deeply cut leaves, dark green Widely adapted crisphead variety-cold tolerant. Also tolerant to tipburn and early bolting.
Hanson 80 WS Large, broad outer leaves Thick, frilled yellowish green A hardy, fresh market and home garden old but dependable variety of butterhead type. Tolerant to tipburn.
Minetto 75 BS Medium sized head, dark outer leaves Firm, dark green High tolerance to tipburn. Uniform summer
Paris island Cos. 66 WS Upright, cylindrical Large, crisp-dark green, with pale green interior Standard romaine variety, fresh market and home garden. Tolerant to Mosaic. Grows well in hot and dry areas.
Salinas 90 BS Medium to large heads Large, firm leaves, medium green Very attractive for summer harvest in cool western areas. Crisphead type. Tolerant to tipburn and downy mildew.
White Boston 70 WS Medium heads Smooth, light green A butterhead type lettuce. Tolerant to tipburn. Commercial and home garden variety.
Climax 90-95 BS Large head, good solidity Medium green Very firm crisphead lettuce. Tolerant to tipburn and rib discoloration.
Empire 80 BS Medium sized head, very solid Light green A slow bolting, crisphead lettuce. Tolerant to tipburn and rib discoloration.
New York 12 75-80 WS Medium large heads, leaves with finely cut edges Light green A crisphead type lettuce. Quite tolerant to tipburn. Early and heat resistant variety.